My ‘tutors’

I can pretty much say that I’m ‘self-taught’ – and it’s clearly going to be another case of ‘life-long learning’, but I couldn’t have even made it to the lowly place I am now, if it wasn’t for some extremely talented ladies who have been generous enough to share their designs and ideas.

Some of my work is adapted from, or based on designs that I’ve read about or seen on YouTube. Where this is the case, credit will always be given to the original designer in  my product descriptions and I hope to  be able to leave this kind of work behind as I learn more about my own style of design.

As I find new designers with exciting inspiration, I will continue to update this page so you can see them for yourself!

Some of my jewellery making tutors so far

My favourite book I have found is Making Wire & Bead Jewellery: Artful Wirework Techniques by Janice Berkebile and Tracy Stanley.

These ladies have a very chunky, stand-out style, and they really use the mediums of wire and beads to their full extent.

This lady at CSL Designs has been a wonderful inspiration. Not only do her designs work beautifully – even for the slightly cack-handed initiate – her videos are always super-clear. I even made one of these rings – near perfectly – for my boyfriend, and it looks just as good tarnished as it does without!

Shauna Chan and her ‘easy’ wire-wrapped rings. Shauna takes a simple bead, and a long length of wire, and wraps up a straightforward ring in a deceptively simple-looking technique that is definitely harder than it seems!

The rest of my work is inspired by my own creativity, and the natural world around me. Birds in the air (for movement), berries hanging precariously from trees, and the leaves and seeds that fly around us on windy days; these are my muses.