Bead-encrusted posh Christmas tree decoration

I become mesmerised by beads. So many shapes and colours, my eyes try to take them all in. When I work with beads, I’ve found I’m the proverbial kid in a candy store.


There’s just so much to choose from. Bunny in the headlights time. Should it be weird purple AB Swarovski crystal 6mm with dark green cheap glass bead 10mm, or is there going to be too much green in the whole thing? What about the tiny transparent Preciosa crystals? Or the 6mm Preciosa faceted jet?

Is your head jangling yet? At least my options are limited as I don’t have that many beads yet. Yet.

In the end I gave the piece a funky sparkle with more faceted beads and broke ‘the rules’ to dot 4mm crystals amongst some of the larger beads. So sue me. The trick is to have at least a tiny plan, like knowing the general colour scheme, or being determined to make the piece under- or overstated.

This is my baby.

Bead encrusted Christmas dec 4

It’s destiny is to be someone’s special Christmas tree decoration.

Here I’ve used a base of green beads with a few murky-looking crystals to give them spark without adding more distinct colours. I then overlaid those with a mixture of Preciosa crystals and lovely purple crackle glass, giving the whole thing some lift with light-coloured Swarovski crystal pearl beads and some 4mm bicone crystals.

It’s a lot of words to describe the simple but quite grand thing you see in the photo. All the beads are threaded onto the same stalk that forms the spiral at the bottom, and they’re pushed down by the eyelet at the top. Hopefully they won’t move.

Unique Christmas tree decorations bring something a little bit special back at a time when ‘special’ can get lost in the horrors of mass production. It would be nice to slow down and really enjoy decorating the tree.

Here’s another I made the other day. I’ll put these two in the shop in the next day or so.

Christmas tree dec 1

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